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In the moment of writing this, kobs supports two different provides to configure access to Kubernetes clusters. This means that you can use a Kubeconfig file, to grant kobs access to your Kubernetes clusters or you can use the incluster provider, which can be used to grant kobs access to the cluster were it is running on.

Field Type Description Required
clusters Providers Configure the clusters for kobs, currently this only requires the providers configuration. Yes


Field Type Description Required
providers []Provider Set a list of providers, which should be used by kobs to get access to your Kubernetes clusters. Yes


Field Type Description Required
provider string Set the provider type, which should be used. This must be kubeconfig or incluster. Yes
kubeconfig Kubeconfig (oneof) Configuration of the Kubeconfig provider. No
incluster Incluster (oneof) Configuration of the incluster provider. No


The following configuration can be used to use a Kubeconfig file for kobs, where the file is placed in the can be found in the following location ${HOME}/.kube/config.

    - provider: kubeconfig
        path: ${HOME}/.kube/config
Field Type Description Required
path string Path to a Kubeconfig file. Yes


The following configuration can be used to use the incluster provider.

    - provider: incluster
        name: kobs-demo
Field Type Description Required
name string Name of the cluster, which is used in the frontend. Yes