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The MongoDB plugin can be used to access data from a MongoDB instance via kobs.



The MongoDB plugin can be used within the hub or cluster. To use the MongoDB plugin the following configuration is needed:

Field Type Description Required
name string The name of the MongoDB plugin instance. Yes
type mongodb The type for the MongoDB plugin. Yes
options.connectionString string The connection string to the MongoDB instance. Yes
options.databaseName string The name of the MongoDB database. Yes
  - name: MongoDB
    type: MongoDB
      connectionString: mongodb://username:password@localhost:27017/?directconnection=true
      databaseName: admin

Insight Options


The MongoDB plugin can not be used within the insights section of an application.

Variable Options


The MongoDB plugin can not be used to get a list of variable values.

Panel Options

The following options can be used for a panel with the MongoDB plugin:

Field Type Description Required
operation string The operation which should be run against MongoDB. Must be db, collections, count, find, findOne or aggregate. Yes
collectionName string The name of the collection for a count, find, findOne or aggregate query. Yes
filter string The filter which should be executed. The default value is {}. No
limit string The maximum amount of documents which should be returned. The default is 50. No
sort string The sort order for the returned documents. The default is {"_id" : -1}. No
pipeline string The pipeline which should be executed when the operation is aggregate. No


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