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The Opsgenie plugin can be used to retrieve alerts and incidents from Opsgenie.


Alert Details


The Opsgenie plugin can only be used within the hub. To use the Opsgenie plugin the following configuration is needed:

Field Type Description Required
name string The name of the Opsgenie plugin instance. Yes
type opsgenie The type for the Opsgenie plugin. Yes
options.apiKey string API Key for the Opsgenie API. More information can be found at API key management. Yes
options.apiUrl string API URL for the Opsgenie API. Must be or Yes
frontendOptions.url string The address for the Opsgenie account of your organisation. No
frontendOptions.integrations.runbook.plugin.cluster string The cluster for the runbooks plugin. No string The name of the runbooks plugin. No
frontendOptions.integrations.runbook.plugin.type runbooks The type of the runbooks plugin. Must be runbooks. No
frontendOptions.integrations.runbook.options.alertname string The details field from an alert, which should be used to select a runbook. No
frontendOptions.integrations.runbook.options.alertgroup string The details field from an alert, which should be used to select a runbook. No
  - name: opsgenie
    type: opsgenie
      # The integrations can be used to add a runbook to the Opsgenie alerts in
      # the UI.
      # To use this integration you must also configure a runbooks plugin and
      # set the plugin which should be used in the "plugin" section.
      # To select a runbook from the configured runbooks plugin, you must
      # configure the details field from an Opsgenie alert which should be used
      # for the "alertname" and "alertgroup" values of the runbook.
            cluster: hub
            name: runbooks
            type: runbooks
            alertname: "alertname"
            alertgroup: "alertgroup"

Insight Options


The Opsgenie plugin can not be used within the insights section of an application.

Variable Options


The Opsgenie plugin can not be used to get a list of variable values.

Panel Options

The following options can be used for a panel with the Opsgenie plugin:

Field Type Description Required
type string Specify if you want to show alerts or incidents. Yes
queries []string The Opsgenie queries. The documentation for the query language can be found in the Opsgenie Documentation. Yes
interval number An optional interval in seconds, which should be used instead of the selected time range in the Dashboard to get the alerts / incidents for. No


kobs automatically adds the createdAt >= <selected-start-time> AND createdAt <= <selected-end-time> to all Opsgenie queries, so that only results for the selected time range are shown.

This behaviour can be overwritten with the interval property. If the interval property is provided, we add createdAt >= <now - interval> AND createdAt <= <now>.