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Before a new version of kobs can be release we have to make sure that the changelog contains all added, fixed and changed feature. When this is the case we can replace the ## Unreleased line for the new version, e.g.

## [v0.4.0]( (2021-07-14)

Each release entry contains a link to the GitHub release and the date, when the release was created. When we have updated the changelog we can create a new section for unreleased features.

In the last step before we can create a new tag we have to update the following files, so that they contain the correct version for the new Docker image:

  • Chart.yaml: Update the appVersion field and bump the version field.
  • values.yaml: Set the new tag in the kobs.image.tag value.
  • deployment.yaml: Update the Docker image in the Kustomize deployment file.
  • Update the table with the Helm values, so that it contains the new value for the kobs.image.tag.

Now we can use our Makefile to create a new tag:

make release-patch
make release-minor
make release-major

When the new tag was created we run a GitHub Action to create the new Docker image and to publish the new Helm chart version. While the GitHub Actions are running we can create a new release on GitHub, where we are using the changelog as description.

Publish NPM Packages

In the next step we have to publish a new version for our NPM packages. To do that we have to run the following commands, where <version> should be replaced with the version which was just created:

yarn build
npx lerna publish <version> --force-publish --no-changelog --no-git-tag-version --no-private --no-push
git restore .


To check if we are using the correct user to publish the packages we can run npm whoami and npm adduser to use the correct one.

If publishing fails with a message like lerna ERR! E402 You must sign up for private packages we have to run npm config set access public.