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The cluster can be configured using a configuration file in yaml format, command-line arguments and environment variables.

Command-line Arguments and Environment Variables

The following command-line arguments and environment variables are available.

Command-line Argument Environment Variable Description Default
--config KOBS_CONFIG The path to the configuration file for the cluster config.yaml
--cluster.debug.enabled KOBS_CLUSTER_DEBUG_ENABLED Start the debug server. false
--cluster.debug.address KOBS_CLUSTER_DEBUG_ADDRESS The address where the debug server should listen on. :15225
--cluster.log.format KOBS_CLUSTER_LOG_FORMAT Set the output format of the logs. Must be console or json. console
--cluster.log.level KOBS_CLUSTER_LOG_LEVEL Set the log level. Must be debug, info, warn, error, fatal or panic. info
--cluster.tracer.enabled KOBS_CLUSTER_TRACER_ENABLED Enable tracing. false
--cluster.tracer.service KOBS_CLUSTER_TRACER_SERVICE The name of the service which should be used for tracing. kobs
--cluster.tracer.provider KOBS_CLUSTER_TRACER_PROVIDER The tracing provider which should be used. Must be jaeger or zipkin. jaeger
--cluster.tracer.address KOBS_CLUSTER_TRACER_ADDRESS The address of the tracing provider instance. http://localhost:14268/api/traces
--cluster.metrics.address KOBS_CLUSTER_METRICS_ADDRESS Set the address where the metrics server is listen on. :15222
--cluster.kubernetes.provider.type KOBS_CLUSTER_KUBERNETES_PROVIDER_TYPE The provider which should be used for the Kubernetes cluster. Must be incluster or kubeconfig. incluster
--cluster.kubernetes.provider.kubeconfig.path KOBS_CLUSTER_KUBERNETES_PROVIDER_KUBECONFIG_PATH The path to the Kubeconfig file, which should be used when the provider is kubeconfig.
--cluster.kubernetes.provider.kubeconfig.context KOBS_CLUSTER_KUBERNETES_PROVIDER_KUBECONFIG_CONTEXT The context, which should be used from the Kubeconfig file, when the provider is kubeconfig.
--cluster.api.address KOBS_CLUSTER_API_ADDRESS The address where the cluster API should listen on. :15221
--cluster.api.token KOBS_CLUSTER_API_ADDRESS The token which is used to protect the cluster API.

Configuration File

The cluster can also be configured via configuration file. By default kobs will look for a config.yaml file in the directory of the kobs binary. To set a custom location of the configuration file your can use the --config command-line flag or the KOBS_CONFIG environment variable.

  ## Set the log format and level for the cluster.
    format: json
    level: info

  ## Set the tracing configuration for the cluster.
    enabled: false
    service: cluster
    provider: jaeger
    address: http://localhost:14268/api/traces

  ## Set the Kubernetes provider. The provider defines how the Kubernetes API should be accessed. We recommend to use
  ## the "incluster" provider, when the cluster component is running inside a Kubernetes cluster. For development
  ## purposes we recommend the "kubeconfig" provider.
      type: incluster
      # type: kubeconfig
      # kubeconfig:
      #   path: /Users/ricoberger/.kube/config
      #   context: kind-kind

  ## The token, which is used to protect the cluster API.
    token: changeme

  ## A list of plugins, which can be accessed via the cluster.
  plugins: []
    # - name: prometheus
    #   type: prometheus
    #   options:
    #     address: http://localhost:8481/select/0/prometheus

You can also use environment variables within the configuration file. To use an environment variable you can place the following placeholder in the config file: ${NAME_OF_THE_ENVIRONMENT_VARIABLE}. When kobs reads the file the placeholder will be replaced, with the value of the environment variable. This allows you to provide confidential data via an environment variable, instead of putting them into the file.