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The TechDocs plugin allows your engineers to write their documentation in markdown files which live together with their code and display them in kobs.



To use the TechDocs plugin the following configuration is needed in the satellites configuration file:

Field Type Description Required
name string The name of the TechDocs plugin instance. Yes
type techdocs The type for the TechDocs plugin. Yes
options.provider.type string The provider type. Must be local or s3 Yes
options.provider.local.rootDirectory string The path to the directory, which contains all the folders with your TechDocs for your services. Yes
options.provider.s3.endpoint string The endpoint for your S3 bucket. Yes
options.provider.s3.accessKeyID string The access key id for your S3 bucket. Yes
options.provider.s3.secretAccessKey string The secret access key for your S3 bucket. Yes
options.provider.s3.bucket string The name of the S3 bucket with your TechDocs. Yes
options.provider.s3.useSSL boolean Use SSL to access the S3 bucket. Yes
  - name: techdocs
    type: techdocs
        type: local
        # type: s3
        # s3:
        #   endpoint:
        #   accessKeyID:
        #   secretAccessKey:
        #   bucket:
        #   useSSL: true

Insight Options


The TechDocs plugin can not be used within the insights section of an application.

Variable Options


The TechDocs plugin can not be used to get a list of variable values.

Panel Options

The following options can be used for a panel with the TechDocs plugin:

Field Type Description Required
type string Specify if you want to show a list of TechDocs or the table of contents (toc) for a specific service. Yes
service string The name of the service for which the table of contents should be shown when the type is toc. No

Notification Options


The TechDocs plugin can not be used to get a list of notifications.


The TechDocs plugin renders the markdown files for your service. For that you have to provide the files for kobs via S3 or via a file system which kobs can access.

File Structure

The TechDocs for all of your service must live in their own folder. Lets say we have four services productpage, details, ratings and reviews. All of these services have their own documentation, so that the final structure for kobs should look as follows:

├── details
│   └── index.yaml
├── productpage
│   ├── configuration
│   │   ├──
│   │   └──
│   ├──
│   ├── index.yaml
│   └── installation
│       ├──
│       └──
├── ratings
│   └── index.yaml
└── reviews
    └── index.yaml

As you can see each folder must also contain a index.yaml file with the following content:

# The key should be a unique identifier for all of your TechDocs.
# It must have the same name as the folder, where the TechDocs for the service are stored for kobs.
key: productpage
# The name of your service and a short description of your service.
name: Productpage
description: The productpage for the bookinfo application.
# The first markdown file which should be shown, when a user opens the TechDocs for the service.
# The table of contents for your service, with links to all the markdown files should can be accessed by a user.
  - Home:
  - Installation:
      - Helm: installation/
      - Kustomize: installation/
  - Configuration:
      - Getting Started: configuration/
      - Add Books: configuration/